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    “Those who think they have no time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”        Edward Stanley


    Latest from the blog:

    Get Kids Excited to Exercise!

    With so many distractions for kids not to exercise, from video games to computers and the fattening of America taking place at an ever increasing pace, kids are more unfit than any other time in our history.

    In major studies during the last ten years, children from the ages of six to 17 scored extremely low in areas of strength, flexibility, and cardio respiratory endurance. Television watching, electronic games, and inactive parents were implicated as major sources of the lack of exercise.

    Children, teenagers, and adults need to accumulate at least 30 minutes of moderate activity each day. However, it’s estimated that only one in three American children participate in daily physical activity. And about one-fourth of all adults and young people from the ages of 12 to 21 are getting no vigorous exercise at all.

    Kids need to learn at a young age that fitness can be fun! Children have a short attention span (20 minutes) when it comes to fitness, yet an unlimited capacity to watch the monitor or TV. Kids fatigue in a shorter time, and become both over-heated and dehydrated in a shorter time than adults. Fitness has to be fun and diverse to peak a child’s interest and turn physical activity into a “looked forward to” time of the day.

    One of the best ways to increase the overall fitness of a family is by exercising together. Variety of activity is the key to keeping all family members enjoying exercise. The older the children, the more important it becomes for exercise to be “fun”. Motivation must come from Mom and Dad through example, creative activities, and persistence. Physical activity sessions do not need to last longer than 30-45 minutes but should be scheduled on a regular basis.

    Everyone should enjoy the sessions, and they should not be rigid or competitive in nature, especially where young children are involved. Family physical activity time results in family bonding. As each family member enjoys the activities, it should become easier to schedule the sessions. One of the most important results is the teaching of good health habits that can continue for a lifetime.

    We have two children (8-10) who have been involved in fitness with us since they were 3-4. How?

    Going for walks, playing at the park, beach. Learning how to ride bikes, swimming (year round-indoor or outdoor). We purchased a mini-tramp then a larger one for the kids to bounce on, and would jump with them. Taking the kids to the gym so they could watch us exercise for short periods and then letting them use light weights at home. Rolling balls across the floor and chasing them on all fours. Now as the kids are older, they are involved in team sports (soccer and softball). We still take the dogs for walks together, and choose to take small vacations that always include swimming, biking and some walking.

    For kids to get excited about exercising, parents have to be excited. Get out and be active with your kids. Children live what they learn.

    By Mark Occhipinti

    Mark J. Occhipinti is the President of AFPA Fitness. Be sure to visit their site for more easy-to-follow fitness articles, tips, and recipes at AFPA Fitness

    You Are Your Best Long-term Investment


    Nov. 20, 2012

    A rock group whose members have an average age of about 60 is about to launch an international tour. One of the oldest coaches who just retired from professional basketball is being lured back by a prominent professional team. An aging football player with a potentially career-ending neck injury is now playing better than ever.

    It’s very simple. These professionals invest in themselves with physical therapists, nutritionists, and strength and conditioning coaches. They have made a commitment to maximizing the remaining years of their careers.So what’s the message for us mere mortals?

    They also respect their limitations. They recognize they cannot travel as much as when they were younger. They need to be more mindful of rest and the impacts of jet lag, and they need to be mindful of managing stress within reason.

    Obviously most of don’t have access to this kind of support, but there is a lesson there that is important. We need guidance from professionals. We need to look after our health. We need to recognize our limits, of course, but we needn’t close the  door to new opportunities.

    By Edward T. Creagan, M.D.

    What Nutritionists Order When Eating Out

    Posted on Jul 28th 2011 11:00AM by Emma Gray

    A new study has found that only 1 out of 6 diners pay attention to posted nutrition information on menus — and while some is better than none, the reality is that the each meal eaten outside of the home tacks on an average of 134 calories to your day.

    What’s worse is that even for those who are conscious of calorie counts at restaurants, another recent report analyzing foods from 42 restaurants found that nearly 1 in 5 of those numbers may actually be incorrect.So with conflicting messages, what is a health conscious dieter to do? To help you navigate your next menu, we asked four nutritionists to tell us how they order at various types of restaurants, from a pizza place to an ice cream parlor to a burger joint.

    The experts we spoke to include registered dietitians Julie Upton and Katherine Brooking, founders of AppForHealth.com, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association, Toby Smithson and registered dietitian and resident nutritionist for “The Biggest Loser,” Cheryl Forberg.

    Here’s their guide to maximizing nutrients, cutting back on calories, taking healthy shortcuts and yes, even indulging in moderation.

    Burger Joint
    What Our Experts Choose:

    -I look for a veggie burger and order it without mayo. I won’t eat at a burger place if they do not offer a veggie burger or a salad with cheese (I eat cheese on my salad so that I can get protein at that meal).

    Watch out for any extra add-ons that will increase the fat and saturated fat of the meal, like mayonnaise or special cream sauces. Also watch the high-fat sides like french fries. Ordering a salad with the dressing on the side as a side dish helps you meet the recommendations of filling half of your plate with vegetables!
    — Toby Smithson, RD

    -I usually get a burger — but protein-style, without fries but with lots of veggies! Luckily I love mustard, which unlike ketchup, has no sugar. Occasionally I’ll have cheese or avocado on my burger as well. To drink, opt for water or iced tea.
    –Cheryl Forberg, RD

    Ice Cream Parlor
    What Our Experts Choose:
    -I’ll usually just take a few tastes with the tasting spoons that they usually have. If I want something more, I’ll try to have all-fruit sorbet or frozen yogurt. Once in a great while, I’ll indulge and have a scoop of rich, chocolate ice cream!
    –Cheryl Forberg, RD

    -Just go for a kid size or one-scoop serving of a more traditional flavor like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. If you go really exotic — fudgy, chunky, nutty — that just means more calories. Opt for a cone — less ice cream can fit into a cone than a cup — and cones have hardly any calories.
    –Julie Upton, RD

    -Because I have diabetes, I look for a “sugar free” ice cream or frozen yogurt. Just because it says sugar free doesn’t mean I can eat as much as I want, but it does offer less carbohydrates. –Toby Smithson, RD

    -Well, if I find myself at the ice cream parlor, I am definitely going to enjoy some ice cream! Try not to have an ice cream treat more than once every couple of weeks … even less if you are aiming to lose weight. When you do go, stick with one scoop in a regular-sized cone. And make sure you savor the experience! Skip the sundaes and heavy toppings. My favorite: Mint Choco Chip!!
    –Katherine Brooking, RD

    To keep reading this article, visit The Huffington Post’s health and wellness destination site, Healthy Living.