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  • CORE FITNESS Difference

    The CORE FITNESS system makes us completely different from any other club/gym you may have visited. We have developed the components that take the guesswork and trial-and-error out of reaching your goals and puts the science back in. We provide a complete training system and a highly qualified fitness coach who will personally walk you through every step of the way on the path toward achieving your personal goals. One size does not fit all! Just as we all require a specific shoe size, we all require a specific program. Everyone has specific goals and a specific body. For customized results you need a customized program.

    CORE FITNESS Blueprint

    Before we take you through a workout, we first want to take the time to find out what you specifically need by creating your CORE FITNESS BLUEPRINT. This blue print is the very specific plans that we will use to design the program to get you to your individual goals. Every single person who works out at CORE FITNESS has a BLUEPRINT designed for them.

    Your CORE FITNESS BLUEPRINT is determined by reviewing your health history, any past injuries, training history along with your specific future goals. We will also take you through a range of motion and flexibility evaluation and the base of our blueprint – The Functional Movement Screen. During The Functional Movement Screen we will have you perform basic movements and we will find out exactly where your program should start and what it should include to get you started right.


    This is where most people go wrong. No one program works for everyone and no program will work forever. As your body changes, so too must your program change. Your Performance Specialist will help to modify your plan as your body changes and adapts so you continue to see optimal results. Our scientifically proven methods to help you lose weight, get stronger, increase flexibility, and improve performance.

    Performance Specialists

    Our highly trained staff ensures that you learn the 
proper skills and techniques. The Performance Specialists keep you on track with fun and dynamic interactions. Through positive motivation, you achieve your goals! Hanging out with us…may be the best part of your day!

    Training Center

    Our training center is equipped with the most cutting edge equipment on the market as well as a wide variety of non-traditional training tools, which allow us to provide a fun, unique, and highly effective training experience. We don’t work-out…we just play hard!