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  • Client of the Year: Julie Conlee

    IMG_0021Julie Conlee has been a joy to train these past years. Her dedication to a healthy lifestyle is truly praise worthy. However, this past year she has brought her training to an entirely different level. She has become incredibly strong! It feels as if each week she is hitting a new personal best! Many other clients who see her train are in constant admiration, especially when she is performing Jefferson Deadlifts.

    I can always count on Julie to be willing to try a new, funky lift. Many times we can be seen together dissecting a new lift into tiny, achievable sections. Her willingness to learn allows me to become a better trainer.

    A balanced approach to wellness is ideal for longevity. Julie is a picture of balanced health, something I strive for all my clients to reach. Not only does she strength train, you can also see her practicing yoga and pilates, both of which she has even trained me in.

    I look forward to more training sessions with Julie. She truly is an inspiration to those around.

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